Since its foundation in 2018 to assist in the global advancement in the R&D industry,

ISOLUTION has satisfied clients' needs by providing customized solutions. We source globally for cutting-edge research analyzers, laboratory equipment, to daily essential consumables, and reagents, ensuring that the goods are effectively distributed and renovated to the actual site to produce the best results. At ISOLUTION, we provide a one-stop comprehensive solution, covering from 1) feasibility study, 2) engineering design, 3) construction, 4) equipment procurement, and 5) maintenance. Through this flow, ISOLUTION creates a dynamic and cost-effective research environment that is tailored to the clients' needs and nature of the research.

Although ISOLUTION is in the midst of development, ever since its establishment, it has shown marked progress, laying unprecedented results.

We believe in putting ourselves in our clients' shoes and thinking from their perspective. This is one major reason that has contributed to our success. Our company's expertise and first-hand experience in the field have enabled us to meet client's expectations and goals.

We not only strive for economic excellence, but also reputable societal standing. ISOLUTION will ingrain its initial mindset of compassion and unity to its heart and will grow through a persistent discourse with the customers. 


Business Domains

  • New laborabory construction consulting Up till now, due to the divided concept of design and construction, efficient establishments of labortatories have been a difficult task. Taking consideration on the field and purpose of the research, ISOLUTION will comprehensively select the most suitable equipment and the appropriate utilities (electricity, gas, ventilation, HVAC, plumbing) required, and mount the appropriate furniture.
  • Providing laboratory material Lab furniture, equipment, consummable, chemical reagents etc Cooperating with our local and overseas manufacturers, we provide a variety of latest equipment, skills and expertise.
  • Overseas Supplier Management Customers have immense trust in us as we source and import innovative and high quality products.
  • Manufacturing lab equipment and furniture Nowadays, we are investing in high-end equipment in a competitive and fast-paced laboratory is a neccesity.
  • International Project Development Providing experience and know-how in ODA(Official Deveolpment Assistance) and PPP(Public Private Patnership) business

Business Fields

  • Environment

  • Engergy (Power Plant)

  • Agriculture / Food

  • Biology (Biotechnology)

  • Petrochemical

  • Pharm. & Hospital

  • Turnkey Business

  • Overseas Projects

Lab Consultation


From the feasibility review and budgeting stages, the entire process of construction including equipment as well as construction, is consulted and managed as a systematic process so that a productive laboratory suitable for research purposes can be built at once without trial and error.

Feasibility Study

Before launching a business project, a review has to be done. The review consists of 정책성 (feasible politically?/political character?) and whether it is economically feasible. Then, the required technical skills, knowledge and financal assistance will be provided.


Investigation on the feasibility of the project/lab

To determine the feasibility of a project, several factors have to be considered. These include if there is any finanically value, finanically possible (in line with budget), in line with government policy directions, as well as technically possible.


The feasibility study is based on the implementing agent/developing agency is divided into 2 types- public enterprise research and private enterprise research.
Depending on the time frame of the project, public enterprise survey is divided into preliminary assessment and feasibility assessment.

Draft requirement

Large investments made by the government into public enterprises have long been an issue. To prevent the unnecessary loss of capital and inefficiency, the government implemented the Public Enterprise Effcicency Bureau in 1998. In 1999, the preliminary assessment survey was set up.

Comparing the different drafts

type Preliminary Assessment Validity assessment
points to consider

1. Finanically value/worth

- need/demand & estimation of benefit - estimate of budget - Competitive edge & finanical value of product of interest - sensitivity analysis
For a full-scale investigation, a rough estimate of reuired items has to be made. For actual launching of project, more precise and detailed investigation is carried out.

2. Political feasible

- regional economic effect - balanced regional development - national subsidy compatibility - group procurement possibility - environmrntal, will to push ahead
Besides evaluating the potential of of product, national competitiveness, and political factors has to be considered. Not just the object of interest reviewed, environmental and certain sectors for actual project launching is investigated.

3. Evaluation of technical skills

- location and construction analysis - actual site condition
Object review. If required, a specialist will be consulted. soil survey, construction analysis, multifaceted technical expertise investigation
investigation of interest budget adminstration(Ministry of planning and budget) Project execution department
investigation timeframe Short-term(within 6 months) Long-term(Sufficient time for investigation)

Basic Design, Feed, Detail Design

Correspond with research purpose, accurate analysis has to be made, safety standards and safety regulations complied with, an important step of setting up a lab.
When setting up a new lab, costly equipment operating on low cost maintenance and to produce accurate research results, professional design is required.
To do this, according to the item that is being researched, to attain maximum efficiency, rooms have to be designed corresponding to researchers workflow and movement. Besides adhering to safety guidelines, the necessary utilities that are required to run the lab and its equipment has be planned hand-in-hand.

However, most companies only supply lab benchs without understanding how the machines operate, hence, only focus on placing the equipment. The necessary utilities (such as lab tables, electricity, gas, air ventilation and supply, and plumbing system) that run the lab and its equipment are not provided. Our company is able to supplement on this point.
sounds like other companies do not do a good job, what so special about constructing corresponding utilities
Isolutions Pte Ltd comprises of employees who have more than 20 years of experience in lab construction consulting,

Different from other consulting companies, iSolutions uses a more complex design guideline also used for powerplants construction.
To construct a plant, after conducting a business value investigation, a 3-part-process engineering design will be carried out (1. Basic Process Design 2. Front End Engineering Design 3. Detail Design)
Although the design process varies for every company and country, iSolution uses the above method most of the time.

Basic Process Design stage involves the entire process's material balance, heat balance, main equipment and accompanying electricity, 계장? Are decided. Hence, this stage lays the foundation for basic functions and concept.

The FEED stage uses the Basic Process Stage as a backbone and builds the basic footworkof the construction. The end product is then reexamined and foundational construction is carried out??During this stage, lab equipment, the accompanying electricity, plumbing system, and other basic construction design will be carried out. Quotations and materials will be obtained from venddors handling certain sectors.

Detail Design involves the blueprint of construction (foundation blueprint, steel frame blueprint, electricity, 계장?, plumbing system blueprint etc) is drafted.
Based on the FEED stage, the lab equipment, electrical goods, cabinet etc will be imported from the vendors. Detailed information will be included in the construction blueprint.

  • Basic Design

    Process Design
    • Basic Data for Equipment and Instrument
  • Feed

    Equipment Design
    • Purchase of Critical Equipment
    • Building Structure Concept Design
    • Feed back to Process Design
  • Detailed Design

    Incoorporation of Purchased item Construction Drawing
    • Piping Drawing
    • Civil Drawing
    • Electrical Drawing

Basic Design, Feed, Detail Design


The most important stage: After final design stage/working design is determined, and the contract is finalized, equipment/lab bench placement and utility will be fitted according to the construction blueprint.
Different from other normal office construction, the various utilities (lab bench, electricity, gas, exhaust pipe, waste water treatment etc) have to be installed before the lab equipment can be installed.
However, civil engineering that has many variables, depending on the situation and schedule, construction works require an experienced expert in the field.
iSolution will provide a comprehensive all-in-one solution considering not just the layout of the lab, but corresponding utilities that the lab requires, as well as risk management, cost reduction, duration reduction, and safety maintenance are guaranteed.

Utility construction
  • - lab bench/lab table

    central lab table, lab wall bench, sink, reagent cabinet (exhaust type, filter type, normal type), hood (fume, Chamber hood, arm hood?, canopy hood etc), clean bench? (BSC),specialized lab bench (for LC/MS, for weighing scale, clean room use etc), access floor?, emergency shower head etc

  • - Rapid exhaust/ventilator & blower

    Among the utilities to be installed, it is the most complicated portion, if volatile??chemical substances are used and amount of air volume required, localized separate exhaust system installations and air-conditioning units have to be considered. Hence, when installing exhaust blower , specialized technical expertise is required.

  • - Gas line and storage room

    Many lab equipment operate on highly pure gases. Depending on the type of gas, the purity level, amount to be used, and handling pressure have to be considered when setting up a lab. In addition, these gases storage area will be built that complies with safety regulations.

  • - Electrical distribution board & Electrical cable/cords

    Different from normal offices, labs consume much more power. Most analyzing equipment, 물성장비? that run on 20A ~50A require a separate circuit breaker. Therefore, during the beginning phase of design/construction, the total compression weight (loading weight) has to be calculated so that the appropriate main power can be supplied to the lab. After that, the sub sections of the lab are constructed and the corresponding internal cables will be built in. Rapid exhaust pipe

Lab bench/equipment that require exhaust pipes (fume hood, sink, emergency shower etc) and other equipments such as (thermohygrostat, lab dishwasher, pure water manufacturing equipment etc) location must be decided clearly and so that during construction (tap water, demi water, hot water) &drain can be installed.


Previously, traditional labs have been constructed focusing on the researchers' safety and lab facilities. The current trend interior design is to build "lab tailored to myself' . Current labs take into account safety and movement operation of the researchers, keeping the office area and lab area fully patent/open or half opened, creating a unique and sophisticated look. Reflecting biological and health sciences lab-like interior, it gives external people trust, and builds pride and drive in the researchers.

Build the one and only lab that cannot be found in any other places with iSolutions.

company history

  • - Expansion of headquarters in Wiryeseoil-ro
  • - Table specifically for LC/MS patent obtained
  • - Signed a exclusive sales contract for Shimadzu Ion Chromatograph
  • - Signed a exclusive sales contract with AIRPURA (Canada) for ISTACK Air Purifyer
  • - Expansion of headquarters in Wiryeseoil-ro
  • - Table specifically for LC/MS patent obtained
  • - Signed a exclusive sales contract for Shimadzu Ion Chromatograph
  • - Signed a exclusive sales contract with AIRPURA (Canada) for ISTACK Air Purifyer
  • - Headquarters established in January at Wiryeseoil, the Newly-built City
  • - Lab table OEM supplier agreement made
  • - Signed exclusive sales contract with F-DGSi of France
  • - Signed a distributor contract with Lovibond Germany
  • - Signed a distibutor contract with DKSH Korea
  • - Was awarded a huge project : Sinseocheon Thermal Powerplant Laboratory and Electrical Measuring Equipment
  • - Acquired a license business for reagent sales. Registered for ecommerce
  • - iSolution Co., Ltd. founded in 2018, January. Established in Seongnam, Jungwon district.
  • - Signed exclusive contract with Preiser Scientific (USA) for national supply within Korea
  • - Signed exclusive contract with Orto Alresa (Spain) for national supply within Korea
  • - Aquired business license for the sales of medical device


We are open to partnering with nationwide distributors so that customers' demand for cutting-edge analytical equipment, physicochemical equipment and consumables can be met. We are pleased to reponse to any inquiries through our email [sales@isolution.re.kr] or through our direct contact line [ 070-7718-1501, channel 1].

Headquarters/Main office
  • ADD606, 12, Wiryeseoil-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • TEL+82-31-8039-6691
  • E-MAILsales@isolution.re.kr

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